Eliana Grundy is a part of the cast for Hunt by Finnoula Kennedy. In today’s blog post, she talks about the play and why you should book a ticket.

Hunt is a play about a group of teenagers playing their version of Hide and Seek – the rules of this familiar playground game apply, but the difference is that players need to “borrow” items from their neighbours’ gardens to score points and win. The more random the item, the higher the point gain. The group must avoid being caught both by the chosen Hunters from the group, as well as the neighbours they’re taking from. The game goes horrifically wrong though, forcing the gang into an unpleasantly memorable final game together before they go their separate ways. 


Hunt is a play that is part of the National Theatre’s Connections portfolio 2022 and is one of the six new commissions gathered this year. Hunt was written with the intention of having a cast of young actors and, as always, was written with the input of young people.

LitFest usually shares opportunities for young writers to be able to develop their craft, but seeing Hunt will allow both hopeful playwrights and authors alike to develop their own skills in storytelling and character creation. The play isn’t centred around one specific character, meaning everyone is given the opportunity to explore their character’s growth and relationship with other members of the ensemble.

Not only would watching Hunt benefit you as a writer, you would be supporting young people on-stage who help bring stories to life.

If you’re interested in watching Hunt, there are 4 combined performances over the 12th and 13th of March at Thomas à Becket School (WF2 6EQ) at:

12/03 – 16:00

13/03 – 11:00 / 13:30 / 16:00

Tickets can be saved on Facebook by clicking this link!!!